Maurizio Governatori was born in Fermo on 29/09/1950 and he graduated at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence.
Teacher role at the Art School of Porto San Giorgio (FM), winner of the S. Luke award of the same Institute, in January 5, 2000 received from the government of Nicaragua the highest cultural award, the “Key to the Palace of Culture.”

Projects and conferences

1983-87 He was one of the designers and founders of the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC MONUMENTAL ART of Managua, with funding from the Italian Foreign Ministry, as well as professor in the section of sculpture and painting in the same institute.

1987 He was coordinator and operator of project for the town of Fermo “Di muro… in muro (From wall… to wall)”. This was a pedagogical educational project of image education through the wall painting.

1989 He was designer and coordinator of “GLOBAL VILLAGE”. Three days of art, music, poetry and film; intercultural project.

1992 On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of discovery of America, he organised for the town of Fermo and the cultural association ” The POLO” the realization of Murales and Graffiti. He was speaker for the conferences:
1. “Nicaragua discovering of America”.
2. “The mural painting: an experience latin-american”.
3. “Urban Graffiti”.
Project “Un Mare d’Arte (A Sea of Art)” for the municipality of Porto Sant ‘Elpidio.
Coordinator of murales created by students of “U.Betti” school for the project “Dal testo all’immagine (From text to image)”.

1993 Por the municipality of Fermo he carried out the 2nd edition of the project “Di muro… in muro (From wall… to wall)” for elementary school.

1995 Conference titled “Theory of color through the features of Architecture” for Archeoclub of Italy.
In collaboration with the SERT of Fabriano, he designed with the Art School students a car painted, linked to the “Road Project” funded by the Council of Ministers.

1996 He designed and manufactures an experimental course of mural painting at the Art Institute of Fabriano.

1997 He participated with his works and as a speaker in the “First World Congress of Public Monumental Art” in Mexico City.

1998 He realized for the town of Grottammare the color’s plan for the “Conservation and recovery of color in the historical center of city” within the “Detailed Plan”.
He was designer, teacher and coordinator of the specialization course “Technical restoration property (Mural Art: Painting)” promoted by European Social Fund and managed by the municipality of Grottammare.

1999 He designed and supervised for the town of Ascoli Piceno “Murals” (1th International Artistic Laboratory ) with paint interventions in the historical center.
Created an internship of mural paint with the students of the School of Plastic Arts of Managua, Nicaragua.

2001 He designed, for the municipality of Fermo and the Department of Social Services, the “International Laboratory of Mural Painting”, with artists of the National School of Plastic Arts in Managua. The painters Socrates Martinez, Sergio Serrano, Alberto Serrato, Ricardo Gomez realized a mural paint in “Leonardo da Vinci” school of Fermo.

2003 He realized, with the students of Art School of Porto San Giorgio and the Residential Community for Mental Health “Family Group”,the project of murals, wall paintings done in the community by students and mentally ill.

2003 He designed and manufactured with the municipality of Grottammare, the European Social Fund, the Form.Art.Marche and the department of vocational training in Ascoli Piceno,the 2nd Art Mural Specialisation Course for the students of Architecture Faculty.
He organized an Artistic Cultural Interchange between the Art School of Porto San Giorgio, the Art Institute of Fermo and the National School of Plastic Arts of Managua, the Polytechnic University UPOLI and the Engineering University UNI. He organized an internship about the techniques of fresco painting on mobile panels where participated students of the three Universities.

October 2006 He organized the first International Symposium on Rubén Darío, with a special appearance by Ernesto Cardenal.

April 2009 Painting course with the mentally ill of “Group Family”: autobiographies, thoughts and images.

October 2009 Buenos Aires Invited at the “International Meeting of Muralism and Public Art” Argentina 2009 .

“MURALES POR LA PAZ (Murales for Peace)” On adhesion to the “Worldwide March for Peace and nonviolence” and in homage to the Argentine master muralist Italo Grassi.

April 2010 “URBAN ART NICARAGUA 2010”, intensive course on the fresco mural art took place in the Polytechnic University UPOLI of Managua and realization of the fresco “Armonia por la Paz(Harmony for the Peace)” by the students of the course.

March/April 2011 In Managua (Nicaragua) he contributed to the production of the documentary “Patria Libre or Morir” with director Daniel Agostini.

2012 In Managua (Nicaragua) he realized the sculpture “St. Francis and the Wolf” section of Rubén Darío’s poem “Los motivo del Lobos (Wolf’s reasons)”.

Of his works have spoken: Mario De Micheli, David Kunzle, Nicola Micieli, Maria Dolores Torres, Arnulfo Aguero, Ernesto Cardenal, Hortensia Sanz Polo, Enzo Santarelli, Genovese, Marco Stortini, Daniela Marcheschi, Mario Dondero, Alessandro Lovo, Thomas Tellez.

Maurizio Governatori - Personal exhibition in Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), Italy - Photo by Mario Dondero


He has begun his development of mural art by studying italian and mexican mural art.
1974 He produced a glass wall (50 s.m.) in the meeting room of the Town Hall in Scandicci (Florence) with LA SIVIERA corporate .
1979 Exhibition “Realtà e invenzione; realismo come arte di tendenza (Reality and inventino; realism as a trendency art)”.
1982 In Lonate Pozzolo (Varese) he painted the cupola of St. Maria of Angels church which measures 70 squared metres.
In the Church of Castel Novate (Varese), he painted the apsis (20 s.m.).
1982 In Livorno he painted the library of “Centro Mondialità e Sviluppo Reciproco” (Centre of Wordly and Reciprocal Development).
1983 He realized six mural paintings and mulicolored plastic relief in the St. Maria of Angels church of Managua, Nicaragua.
1992 In Monte Urano (Fermo) he painted the murales “Omaggio a Picasso (Homage to Picasso)” (70 s.m.).
1993 In Fermo he realised some murales with plastic and architectural elements (50 s.m.). A homage to United States’ mural art.
1995 In Porto San Giorgio he realised a mural painting of 300 s.m. with plastic and architectural elements called “Il tempio degli dei (Gods’ Temple)”.
1997 In Fermo he planned and realised five sculptures 8 metres high for the Global Village.
1997 He did “Fuggiaschi (Fugitives)”, mobil mural paintings of 6,7 and 10 s.m.
1999-2000 Again in Nicaragua, he realised two mural paintings on the southern entrance of the National Palace of Managua dedicated to the poet Ruben Darìo on commission of the Government. At the presentation of the mural painting he received from the Minister of the Culture of Nicaragua the highest honour “ LA CHIAVE DEL PALAZZO NAZIONALE (National Palace’s key)”.
2000 In Granada of Nicaragua, in the old monastery of San Francisco, he realised the history of the building of the town (100 s.m.).
2003 He partecipated to the exhibition “Il segno nel tempo: xilografia e calcografia nelle Marche dal xv al xx secolo (The sign of the time: xilografia and chalcography in the Marche region from xv to xx century)”.
2003 In Porto Sant’Elpidio,in the eighteenth century villa Barucchello, he gave a personal exhibition with mobil mural paintings on theme “Art and Ethic”. The exhibition was preceded by a debate with the participation of Prof. Daniela Marcheschi (anthropologist and art critic), Prof. Armando Ginesi (art critic) and the famous photographer Mario Dondero.
2003 He was involved at the art collective “Presences of the Territory”, organized by the DEVELOPMENT CONSORTIUM of city of Fermo.
2004 In the cloister of the Nostra Signora Church in Livorno he presented “TRANSITI (TRANSITS)”, exhibition organized by the “Mutual Development and Globalist Centre”. The exhibition was presented by the art critic Daniela Marcheschi.
2004 He participated in the exhibition “Marche Arte 2004 – aspects of region Marche contemporary art” with the work TRANSIT.
2004 In Civitanova Marche (Macerata), participated at the group exhibition organized in  occasion of “CARTACANTA FESTIVAL EXPO”, with four works entitled “Autoritratto – Baghdad (self-portrait – Baghdad)”.
2005 Managua, Polytechnic University of Nicaragua “UPOLI”: fresco on movable panel entitled “El Mediterraneo nos ofrece: el despertar de un sueño (The Mediterranean offers itself: the awakening of a sleeping)” (cm 287×185).
August 2005 Managua, Polytechnic University of Nicaragua “UPOLI”: fresco on movable panel “El Amor de una Mariposa (The love of a butterfly)”(cm 287×185).
October 2006 International Symposium on Rubén Darío, exhibition of paintings on movable panels with a special appearance of Ernesto Cardenal; elaborations taken from the Rubèn Darìo’s poem “Los motivos del lobo (Wolf’s reasons)”.
December 2006 He took part in the collective of artists of Fermo and artists of the Italian 900.
October 2007 Realization of the sculpture “La famiglia per la pace (The Family for Peace)”, Polytechnic University of Managua “UPOLI” for the 40th anniversary of the founding.
Argentina 2009 Realization of two movable panels for the “Encuentro Internacional de Muralismo y Arte Público Argentina 2009 (International Meeting of Murals and Public Art Argentina 2009)”. “MURALES POR LA PAZ (Murales for Peace)”.
Managua 2010 Polytechnic University “UPOLI”: realization of fresco “Armonia por la Paz (Armony for Peace)” (4,17 x 2,10 m) with students of Urban Art course .
Managua March/April 2011 Participation to the production of the documentary “Patria Libre or Morir” with director Daniel Agostini.
Managua 2012 He realized the sculpture “St. Francis and the Wolf” section of Rubén Darío’s poem “Los motivo del Lobos (Wolf’s reasons)”.
Argentina, aprile 2013 – International Biennial of Miramar. Creation of the ceramic mosaic “La Sirena: Rubèn Darìo entre Argentina y Italia”.
Managua 2014 – sculpture “La mano por la Paz”, main entrance of the UPOLI Polytechnic University.
Argentina 2015 – Second Miramar Art Biennial. Wood and mosaic sculpture entitled “The tree of life”.
Managua 2016 – “Azzurro”, mosaic created on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the great Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío.